Sentence Examples

  • We find therefore no trace of a sacrificial priesthood, but each temple had one or more doorkeepers (sadin, hajib), whose office was usually hereditary in a certain family and who had the charge of the temple and its treasures.
  • It mattered little that he desolated the shrine of St James at Compostella, the monastery of Cardena in Castile, took Leon, Pamplona and Barcelona, if at the end he left the roots of the Christian states firm in the soil, and to his son and successor as hajib only a mercenary army without patriotism or loyalty.
  • His son Mozaffar, kept the authority as hajib, always in the name of Hishm II., who was hidden away in a second palace suburb of Cordova, Zahira.
  • By the r,obles, and was placed on the throne by the Hajib Mansur.

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