Sentence Examples

  • 4 The pilgrims leave Mina on the 12th or 13th, and the hajj is then over.
  • Hajj) even as late as 2 Chron.
  • On the right bank is all the older part of the city, and a long suburb called El-Meidan extending about a mile along the Hajj Road.
  • Damascus occupies an important commercial position, being the market for the whole of the desert; it also is of great importance religiously, as being the startingpoint for the Hajj pilgrimage from Syria to Mecca, which leaves on the 15th of the lunar month of Shawwal each year.
  • Further, there are elements of Islam, like the usages of the hajj (or pilgrimage to the sacred places at Mecca), the dryness of its official doctrine and the limitations of its real character as indicated in the Wahhabi revival, which so impair its apparent universalism that Kuenen found himself obliged to withdraw it from the highest rank of religions.