Sentence Examples

  • The chin (gula) is a very characteristic stlerite in beetles, absent only in a few families, such as the weevils.
  • The ventraPscleriteof the head-skeleton (gula), well developed in most families of beetles, is absent among the Rhynchophora, while the palps of the maxillae are much reduced.
  • Below each eye is a cheek area (gena), often divided into an anterior and a posterior part, while a distinct chin-sclerite (gula) is often developed behind the mouth.
  • Heymons considers that it represents the sternites of the three trophal segments, and that the gula is merely a secondary development.
  • Besides the chief temple, the capital contained temples and chapels to Anu, Adad, Ishtar, Marduk, Gula, Sin, Shamash, so that we are to assume the existence of a sacred precinct in Assur precisely as in the religious centres of the south.