Sentence Examples

  • The additional revenue gained by the Crown from Masovia was at first but 14,000 gulden per annum.
  • The reorganization of the mint alone increased the royal revenue by 210,000 gulden a year and enabled Sigismund to pay the expenses of his earlier wars.
  • In addition, a fine of 150,000 golden gulden was levied on the city, and used to build the "Spanish Citadel" on the site of what is now the public park.
  • The king gave him an annual grant of 1200 gulden (120), considerably enlarging it before the end of the year, and placing a comfortable house in the outskirts of the city at his disposal.
  • The immediate result was the title of imperial councillor, with a yearly salary of 4000 gulden (December 6th, 1802); but it was not till 1809 that he was actively employed.

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