Sentence Examples

  • In this case it makes sense to look at permanent insurance with low cash values like a Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) policy, owned by an irrevocable life insurance trust.
  • A GUL policy is also good for a situation where a spouse chooses the "Life No Refund" option at retirement as their pension option.
  • Meru became advisor to Gul Dukat, one of the leaders of the resistance and later Nerys' arch enemy.
  • There are times when a combination of term, whole life or GUL policies may make sense for a person.
  • Thus the name of a king of Ur, generally read Ur-Bau until quite recently, is now read Ur-Engur; for Lugal-zaggisi, a king of Erech, some scholars still prefer to read Ungal-zaggisi; the name of a famous political and religious centre generally read Shir-pur-la is more probably to be read Shir-gul-la; and so forth.