Sentence Examples

  • Pewter Mint Julep cups were inspired by the works of early craftsmen in the south.The cup is traditionally 6.5 inches tall, with a top diameter of 4 inches, a flat bottom and straight sides that flare only slightly at the top.
  • Julep purists will likely scoff at the thought of a ready-made cocktail, but when a single cocktail is in such great and immediate demand, Derby officials have to do what they can to keep everyone happy.
  • Sets are available for purchase from specialty barware stores, but unless you plan to become a regular Julep sipper, it's perfectly acceptable to serve them in an old-fashioned or a highball glass.
  • You can hardly watch Derby coverage at Churchill Downs without seeing at least a dozen horse racing enthusiasts milling around with the distinctive Mint Julep in their hands, and with good reason.
  • In order to understand why there is a preference for using a certain type of cup with this cocktail, you'll need to know exactly what a Mint Julep is if you've never had one before.