Sentence Examples

  • Depending on the seller you choose, the difference between the price of the official site and that of the "free shipping" vendor may even out almost exactly, granting you the guiltless freedom to choose either way.
  • Anne Klein handbags are just another guiltless perk from an amazing designer who is consistently memorable for producing styles that remain relevant to the lives of American women.
  • The feelings of ordinary humanity shrunk from the destruction of so many persons guiltless of any offence.
  • No one ever excelled him in daring and resource as a naval officer, but he suffered from serious defects of character, and even those who think him guiltless of the charge on which he was convicted in 1814 must feel that he had his own imprudence and want of self-command to thank for many of his misfortunes.
  • That the pope himself was guiltless of any share in that atrocious deed is beyond dispute; but it is deeply to be regretted that his name plays a part in the history of this conspiracy.