Sentence Examples

  • The Order of the Griffin, founded in 1884 by Frederick Francis III.
  • Viele-Griffin is One of the most successful writers of the vers libre, the theory of which he expounded, in conjunction with MM.
  • In May 1670 he received the titles of excellency and privy councillor; in July of the same year he was ennobled under the name of Griffenfeldt, deriving his title from the gold griffin with outspread wings which surmounted his escutcheon; in November 1673 he was created a count, a knight of the Elephant and, finally, imperial chancellor.
  • Crookes) (Griffin, Bohn & Co., 1861); On the Various Forces in Nature (edited by W.
  • P. C. Griffin, A List of Books on the Philippine Islands in the Library of Congress (Washington, 1903), with references to periodicals; T.