Sentence Examples

  • The Order of the Griffin, founded in 1884 by Frederick Francis III.
  • Crookes) (Griffin, Bohn & Co., 1861); On the Various Forces in Nature (edited by W.
  • Viele-Griffin is One of the most successful writers of the vers libre, the theory of which he expounded, in conjunction with MM.
  • P. C. Griffin, A List of Books on the Philippine Islands in the Library of Congress (Washington, 1903), with references to periodicals; T.
  • In the Apollo Citharoedus or Musagetes in the Vatican, he is crowned with laurel and wears the long, flowing robe of the Ionic bard, and his form is almost feminine in its fulness; in a statue at Rome of the older and more vigorous type he is naked and holds a lyre in his left hand; his right arm rests upon his head, and a griffin is seated at his side.