Sentence Examples

  • Loose articles of any type are forbidden on Griffon, and riders should leave cameras, cell phones, hats, sunglasses, bags, and other items in nearby lockers or with a non-rider for safekeeping.
  • A griffon is a legendary creature reputed to have the heart of a lion and the soul of an eagle, thereby capturing the most majestic essences of both the king of beasts and the king of birds.
  • In addition to swooping curves, wild inversions, and terrifying dives, Griffon also incorporates a unique water brake element that fits with its tight design and surprising thrills.
  • Griffon - The newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens Europe, Griffon boasts a 70 mph, 205 foot, 90 degree initial drop, plus loops, rolls, and a water splash.
  • If the intense thrills of Griffon are too terrifying to handle, visitors to Busch Gardens Europe have their choice of four other exciting roller coasters.