Sentence Examples

  • Well, that goofy looking fuzzy haired boy that once was is now the Hottest Bachelor of 2008 - looking smoldering in his revealing (in more ways than one) spread in the special edition of the magazine set to hit the stands on June 20th.
  • Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bath Toy Play Set - 4 Pieces: Now your children don't have to stop playing with their favorite Disney characters just because it's time for a bath with this set of Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.
  • Week-long camps practice hard during the day and afternoon with specialized classes, but after dinner lends itself to a more casual atmosphere of goofy skit nights, passing spirit stick superstitions and other type activities.
  • The boy's got some real talent, but it's his inability to get serious that keeps getting in his way.Can a slightly goofy twenty-something year old guy with a good heart really find happiness as a rappin' tattoo artist?
  • As I've told a lot of people in interviews, I think one big value of this book to women is that they will learn to become more understanding of the goofy behavior a lot of guys have when they're attracted to you.