Sentence Examples

  • Little can be said of this degenerate son of Suleiman, who during the eight years of his reign never girded on the sword of Osman, and preferred the clashing of wine-goblets to the shock of arms, save that with the dissolute tastes of his mother he had not inherited her ferocity.
  • He returned to his partner, lifted the goblets from the tray, and approached the prisoners.
  • The enamelled Saracenic glasses take the form of flasks, vases, goblets, beakers and mosque lamps.
  • It contains a collection of antiquities (including some beautiful goblets) and a picture gallery which, though small, is celebrated for its fine collection of paintings by Frans Hals.
  • The Bida goblets, in which brass and copper are beautifully blended, are of extremely elegant design.