Sentence Examples

  • The seed is sown between the 1st and 15th of November, acid germinates in ten or fifteen days.
  • In other species of the genus the seed germinates on a branch, and the seedling produces clasping roots, and roots which grow downwards hanging like stout cords, and ultimately reaching the ground.
  • So soaked is the soil after the flood, that the grain germinates, sprouts, and ripens in April, without a shower of rain or any other watering.
  • In Zygnemaceae and Mesocarpaceae the zygospore, after a period of rest, germinates, to form a new filamentous colony; in Desmidiaceae its contents divide on germination, and thus give rise to two or more Desmids.
  • The carpogonium germinates forthwith, drawing its nourishment almost wholly from the parent plant.