Sentence Examples

  • In the production of pig iron, the share of the United States seems to have been in 1850 about one-eighth and that of Great Britain onehalf of the worlds product; while in 1903 the respective shares were 38.8 and 19.3%; and Germanys also slightly exceeded the British output.
  • Ntage Percentage Percentage f Value of Value of lanys in Germanys in Germanys tal 1000.
  • Intage Percentage Percentage)f Value of Value of lanys in Germanys in Germanys)tal 1000.
  • To Kid was reciprocated by that of the German squadron to Plymouth; in July a treaty of arbitration was signed between the two countries, while in the Reichstag the chancellor declared that, Germanys interests in Morocco being purely commercial, the understanding between France and England as to that country, embodied in the convention of the 8th of April 1904, did not immediately concern her.