Sentence Examples

  • He knows you can pop up anywhere, geographically; you've proved that to him.
  • The two best-known species, so much alike in size, form, colour and habits that, although they are widely separated geographically, some zoologists question their specific distinction, are P. lutreola, the Norz or Sumpfotter (marsh-otter) of eastern Europe, and P. visors, the mink of North America.
  • In a general way the chief manufactures may be geographically distributed as follows.
  • The first of these three belongs geographically, and probably geologically, to New Siberia Archipelago, from which it is only 97 m.
  • The Austrian state had from its first origins always had a self-imposed political mission; its very name of origin, Ostmark (The Eastern March), marked it geographically as a bulwark, a gate-keeper, to defend Europe on the W.