Sentence Examples

  • The distinction of genders is not marked, except in proper names of men and women.
  • He was ignorant of the rules of grammar, confused genders and cases, and wrote in the vernacular Latin of his time, apart from certain passages which are especially elaborated and filled with poetical and elegant expressions.
  • Two genders, m.
  • A collection of the various signs of the alphabet has shown thirty-two letters, four more than Arabic. De Slane, in his notes on the Berber historian Ibn Khaldun, shows the following points of similarity to the Semitic class: - its tri-literal roots, the inflections of the verb, the formation of derived verbs, the genders of the second and Arab districts to build mills for the Arabs.
  • The use of cases and genders, the construction of verbs and prepositions, and the verbal forms exhibit striking irregularities.