Sentence Examples

  • Some of the icons of other children television shows, cartoons and movies are gender-specific, like the Disney Princesses, while others, like the Sesame Street characters, are coveted by both girls and boys.
  • There are many varieties of pajamas for infants and toddlers and while they could be gender-specific, at this age, you should just choose whatever you think the child would like best.
  • In children and adolescents, because body fat changes as they mature, BMI is gender- and age-specific and plotted on gender-specific growth charts to determine BMI-forage.
  • Not only is their goal to ensure the safety of minors but also to protect particular adult groups such as gender-specific, age-specific and multi-cultural groups.
  • With sneakers and sandals both unisex and gender-specific, including tough boots to keep toddlers' feet warm and dry, these are an ideal investment.