Sentence Examples

  • The old gals could certainly put away the suds.
  • The three of us, you, me and Cynthia, plus the two Quincy gals, Edith and her son, young Donnie.
  • Ft., or 114 gals., of water an hour, and the steam pressure was 50 lb per square inch.
  • There are more than forty mineral springs in New York whose waters are of commercial importance, and in 1908 the waters sold from them amounted to 8,007,092 gals., valued at $877,648; several of the springs, especially those in Saratoga county, attract a large number of summer visitors.
  • The principal products were: milk, in 1890, 8,614,694 gals., and in 1899, 25,124,642 gals.