Sentence Examples

  • The old adage that expecting mothers are eating for two is somewhat outdated; yes, pregnant women are feeding their babies as well as themselves, but a fetus doesn't have the same nutritional requirements as a full-grown adult.
  • Senecio Macrophyllus - a stout leafy perennial, 6 feet high when full-grown, the glossy green leaves and much-branched heads of small yellow flowers of stately effect when grown boldly on the lawn or in the wild garden.
  • As these dogs grow in popularity as family pets, caretakers may find themselves unprepared to care for the full-grown dog that was a cute puppy only a few short months before.
  • Kittens grow this longer topcoat as they develop into full-grown adult felines.
  • The full-grown creature is too strong for a man's body.