Sentence Examples

  • From the Trentino he returned to Caprera to mature his designs against Rome, which had been evacuated by the French in pursuance of the Franco-Italian convention of the 15th of September 1864.
  • The declaration of war by England against Scotland, in answer to the recent Franco-Scottish negotiations, prevented his return.
  • He too entered the ministry (1864) and during the Franco-German War served as army chaplain, an experience described in his Erlebnisse eines Feldgeistlichen (1890).
  • They were again confiscated in 1852, but were restored to the Orleans family by the National Assembly after the Franco-German War.
  • In the bishopric of Utrecht, in Gelderland and Friesland, the privileges accorded to Utrecht, Groningen, Zutphen, Stavoren, Leeuwarden followed rather on the model of those of the Rhenish " free cities " than of the Franco-Flemish commune.