Sentence Examples

  • During the last two years of his life Ruiz Zorilla became less active; failing health and the loss of his wife had decreased his energies, and the Madrid government allowed him to return to Spain some months before he died at Burgos, on the 1 3 th of June 1895, of heart disease.
  • A few months later Philip unexpectedly died at Burgos (September 25th).
  • CHRISTOVAL DE ACUNA (1597-c. 1676), Spanish missionary and explorer, was born at Burgos in 1597.
  • In the battle which ensued under the walls of Seville, Abdallah and his auxiliaries were routed with great slaughter, the Cid returning to Burgos with many prisoners and a rich booty.
  • Cry the weeping citizens of Burgos, as they speed the exile on his way.