Sentence Examples

  • The class of sages to whom we owe the Wisdom Books did not arise till a change had come over the national fortunes and life.
  • This history begins at the time of the council of Clermont, deals with the fortunes of the first crusade and the earlier history of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, and ends somewhat abruptly in 11 21.
  • Under the empire Arvernia formed part of Prima Aquitania, and the district shared in the fortunes of Aquitaine during the Merovingian and Carolingian periods.
  • In the extremity of his fortunes he had recourse himself to Otto, making a formal cession of the Italian kingdom, in his own name and that of his son Adalbert, to the Saxon as his overlord.
  • We have to foJiow the fortunes of unexpected allies, upon whom in no small measure his success depended.