Sentence Examples

  • Doing a quick check isn't always foolproof, of course, because it's entirely possible to create invalid Visa numbers that are 16 digits in length and begin with the number four.
  • This method is not foolproof, as older, tech-savvy kids may figure out how to unblock these programs, but it is a start for parents who work outside the home and can't be there when youngsters get home from school.
  • Following the viewing recommendations that correspond with MPAA ratings can help parents make informed decisions about which films are acceptable for children to watch, but the system certainly isn't foolproof.
  • Liquid eyeliners work best when it comes to evening eye makeup, so ditch your daytime pencil and try out all of the fantastic foolproof liquid liners currently available for purchase.
  • Made from natural bristles, a MAC eyeshadow brush can make shadow application all the more foolproof, while a roll case serves as the perfect place to store your trusty tools.