Foolproof Definition

So simple, well-designed, or sturdily made as not to be mishandled, damaged, misunderstood, etc. even by a fool.
Webster's New World
Designed so as to be impervious to human incompetence, error, or misuse.
A foolproof detonator; a foolproof safety lock.
American Heritage
Effective; infallible.
A foolproof scheme.
American Heritage
The definition of foolproof is something that is designed or set up so it would be difficult or impossible to make a mistake or an error during use.
When an appliance is designed with very-simple to use buttons that even a really dumb person can use, this is an example of a time when the appliance is designed to be foolproof.

Origin of Foolproof

  • fool +‎ -proof

    From Wiktionary

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