Sentence Examples

  • These descriptive names are highly poetic, as also that of the Portuguese, " beija-flor " (flower-kisser); but the humming-bird is insectivorous, and thrusts his long bill into flowers in search of insects instead of honey.
  • Aryan o became a, as in Irish ldr, cognate with AngloSaxon flor, Eng.
  • On the 8th of June 1663 the count of Villa Flor utterly defeated D.
  • Saldanha, Palmella, the count of Villa Flor (afterwards duke of Terceira), and the other constitutionalist leaders were driven into exile, while scores of their adherents were executed and thousands imprisoned.
  • Fortune played into the hands of Palmella, Saldanha, Villa Flor and their followers in Terceira.