Sentence Examples

  • Some were flops (Atari Jaguar), some were huge successes (Super Nintendo), some made small splashes (3D0), and others struggled and were ultimately defeated, leaving a small but dedicated fan base to keep the memory alive (Sega Dreamcast).
  • Even the least expensive flip flops from this company will still run at least $30 or so, so it's imperative to spend wisely - and in this case, that means keeping those shoes in good condition so that you'll really get your money's worth!
  • Indulgent materials like snake skin are suddenly slithering onto everything from snazzy platforms to cute flats, rhinestones are all over the most glamorous gladiator sandals and even flip flops have taken a decidedly dressy turn.
  • Did Coco Chanel have Chanel flip flops in mind when she created her iconic women's sportswear collection, or do the casual, beachy shoes designed by her fashion house have her rolling over in her strands of pearls?
  • Bikinis, tankini swimsuits, one piece swimsuits, sarongs, swim dresses, sunglasses, flip flops - the choices can seem overwhelming, and even once you start to narrow things down, you still have decisions to make.