Sentence Examples

  • "Hottie" cooking a chicken in the microwave on the first season of Flavor of Love and then falling while walking into a winery with Andrew Firestone on Charm School. "12 Pack" and "Heat" for, well, being "12 Pack" and "Heat".
  • While Firestone has been working for the family winery, Firestone Vineyards, he has since announced that he will now begin a career in the hotel industry.
  • Okay, just for a little refresher about just who Jenn Schefft is, she was the girl on The Bachelor chosen by Andrew Firestone way back in season three.
  • Well, the link from wine to Beanie Babies isn't quite accurate, but Firestone was offered a position for Ty Warner, who owns the Beanie Babies empire.
  • As heir to the Firestone tire fortune, Andrew Firestone has never really had to worry about having a real world job.