Fine Print Definition

A section of a document, as a contract, warranty, or advertisement, in smaller print than the main body: although it includes additional conditions, limits, etc., this section may not be read carefully because it is typically terse or in legalese.
Webster's New World
Print that is in small type.
American Heritage
The portion of a document, especially a contract, that contains qualifications or restrictions, often in small type.
American Heritage
Any additional details, conditions, etc. regarded as obscure or, often, deliberately obscure.
Webster's New World
Of a contract, referring to matter within it that is obscurely phrased and generally adversarial to the less powerful party’s interests, such as disclaimers of liability or penalties for late payment or performance. Derived from the custom of printing the parts of standard form contracts that contain such matter, in tiny, hard-to-read print.
Webster's New World Law

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