Sentence Examples

  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went public with their marriage in 2005, one month after he finalized his divorce from Jennifer Aniston, but many think Pitt and Jolie began their relationship on the set of their film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • However, if expenses are laid out in the last six months of one year and the adoption is finalized in February of the following year, it will be taken as a tax credit the year in which the adoption is final.
  • Once the adoption proceedings are finalized and you've obtained a Chinese passport, exit permit, and immigrant visa for your child, you're ready to return to your home country with your new son or daughter.
  • They typically reason that a toddler is too young to understand what is happening and they may soon feel taken aback at the behavior issues that arise in their child soon after the adoption is finalized.
  • After Bank of America purchased the company and the transaction finalized, the company took steps to improve the financial situation of many of its borrowers who were facing loans they could not afford.