Sentence Examples

  • Since the time of James Dean, the t-shirt and jeans look has dominated American culture, taking the place of business slacks and fedora hats as the standard of maleness.
  • Whether it's a black shirt-dress paired with pink shoes and a pink handbag, or a black cardigan and jean ensemble topped by a well-placed Fedora, accessories often accompany Victoria Beckham fashion.
  • Another way to go with poker party attire is to purchase green plastic visors and costume armbands for your card "dealers", and have your guests come wearing a fedora, diamond tiara, or boa.
  • Proof that style is cyclical in so many ways, the fedora came back into play during the 1980s, when popular icons of the day sported them in public and made them "cool" again.
  • While its popularity once again waned during the 1990s, the fedora was resurrected in the 2000s by a new generation who found great favor in its retro-inspired design.