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  • Own collection or the Imperial vivarium at Vienna - was at the pains to print at Pavia in his miscellaneous Deliciae Florae et Faunae Insubricae a Specimen Zoologicum 1 containing diagnoses, duly named, of the birds discovered and described by Sonnerat in his.
  • Coming to British Indian possessions, and beginning with Ceylon, we have Kelaart's Prodromus faunae Zeylanicae (8vo, 1852), and Ceylon.
  • Tion of " Faunae "; 1 but these are so numerous that it Faber's Prodromus der islandischen Ornithologie (8vo, 1822), though the island has since been visited by several good ornithologistsProctor, Kruper and Wolley among them.
  • Geographical Distribution.-If a division of the world according to its batrachian faunae were to be attempted, it would differ very considerably from that which would answer for the principal groups of reptiles, the lizards especially.

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