Sentence Examples

  • Narnia is populated with delightful and magical characters, including the first resident Lucy meets, the faun Mr. Tumnus, with the torso of a human and the lower half of a goat.
  • There, she meets, Mr. Tumnus, a kindly faun, who tells her how the wicked White Witch has cursed Narnia with 100 years of an unending winter and no Christmas.
  • Unlike her sister fairies Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Faun and more, Vidia is selfish and mean.
  • The large bronzes are almost the only ones which have survived from classical times, the most famous of them being the seated Mercury and the dancing Faun; the marbles reckon among their vast number the Psyche, the Capuan Venus, the portraits of Homer and Julius Caesar, as well as the huge group called the Toro Farnese (Amphion and Zethus tying Dirce to its horns), the Farnese Hercules, the excellent though late statues of the Balbi on horseback and a very fine collection of ancient portrait busts.
  • Glass, in flat pieces, such as might be employed for windows, has been found in the ruins of Roman houses, both in England and in Italy, and in the house of the faun at Pompeii a small pane in a bronze frame remains.