Sentence Examples

  • So, after the statement was made and the fallout ensued, Autism United, a completely legitimate agency based in New York, demanded an apology from CBS and some sponsors pulled their advertising.
  • By the time the reunion rolled around the cast was ready to confront the fallout of the conflicts on the show as well as barbs traded in the interim between Gretchen and Tamra on the internet.
  • When Danny and Sandy are unexpectedly in the same place at the time same time again, the two former lovers try to date while their all-too-different social tiers deal with the fallout.
  • As bands like Dashboard Confessional and Fallout Boy enjoyed wide success, the term emo became even more amorphous, with bands being labeled "emo" for having only a vague resemblance to other emo artists or a stereotypical emo image.
  • At the end of the show, Simpson commented that her band had made an error with the song.The fallout from the lip synching incident was brutal, with fans and critics taking stabs at Simpson's inept singing abilities.