Sentence Examples

  • For women who are considering having a more 'long-term' contraceptive such as Depo-Provera, the Mirena Coil, or the implant, it is essential to establish the likelihood of migraines as a side-effect.
  • These allegedly herbal and non-prescription supplements actually contain Viagra, thus duping buyers into believing they were receiving a natural side-effect free herbal remedy.
  • Since experiencing stress is a natural side-effect of working, it only makes sense to seek out new ways to effectively cope with the emotional and physical effects of stress.
  • Early treatments required an arsenic-based pharmaceutical that would kill the protozoa, but with one serious side-effect: the medication caused blindness.
  • The saddest, though infrequent, side-effect of a poorly applied perm is that the hair will not always regrow.