Sentence Examples

  • In 1655 a proclamation was issued for administering the laws against the priests and Jesuits, and some executions were carried out.
  • The executions took place on market days on a hill outside the town, the gibbet somewhat resembling a guillotine.
  • The baron Cerro Azul was shot down without trial; Marshal de Gama Eza, an old imperial soldier of eighty years of age, was murdered in cold blood, and numerous executions of men of lesser note took place, among these being two Frenchmen for whose death the Brazilian government was subsequently called upon to pay heavy compensation.
  • Thereupon the popular rulers avenged these misdeeds by many summary executions in the piazza.
  • It was a mere rump, for wholesale executions had thinned its numbers and the reconquered countries were not represented in it.