Sentence Examples

  • Musically, the band is compared to bands such as Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails, Bush, and Fuel -- but even the softest of their hits stays strong with lyrics that are positive and hope-filled.
  • This album featured the hit single Broken, which was recorded as a duet between Seether singer Shaun Morgan and Evanescence singer Amy Lee.
  • Depending on what music you like - the Rolling Stones, Green Day, Il Divo, Vienna Teng, Tool, Evanescence, Mary J.
  • Long before Evanescence brought goth into the mainstream and every teenager in town was wearing black eyeliner, these 80s goth artists offered an darker alternative to those oh-so-glam New Romantics types of their day.
  • If we take a direction such that the light (of given wave-length) from a single aperture vanishes, the evanescence continues even when the whole series of apertures is brought into contemplation.