Espresso Definition

ĭ-sprĕsō, ĕ-sprĕsō
espressos, expressos
Coffee prepared in a special machine from finely ground coffee beans, through which steam under high pressure is forced.
Webster's New World
A serving of this beverage.
Ordered an espresso with dessert.
American Heritage
A drink that includes espresso as an ingredient.

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Origin of Espresso

  • The original term for modern espresso (coffee extracted under pressure) was cream coffee, from Italian caffè crema (variant: crema caffè), due to the crema, and was seen on early Gaggia machines, but this term is no longer used.

    From Wiktionary

  • Italian (caffè) espresso espresso (coffee) past participle of esprimere to press out from Latin exprimere ex- ex- premere to press per-4 in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Some sources derive the term from “expressly (‘individually, directly’) made for the customer”, or as “fast” (Italian espresso also meaning “fast”, as in English express (“fast”)) but these are not widely credited.

    From Wiktionary

  • From Italian espresso, from caffè espresso (“pressed-out coffee”), form of esprimere (“to press out”), from Latin exprimere, from ex- (“out”) + primere (“to press”).

    From Wiktionary

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