Sentence Examples

  • This woman may find it quite difficult to talk about her feelings, particularly when she feels jealous, and it's in instances like these that you'll see that legendary temper erupt.
  • Between the ages of about six and 12 to 14, as the jaw grows, 28 permanent teeth erupt, replacing the primary teeth, incisor for incisor, canine for canine, premolar or bicuspid for molar.
  • The first permanent teeth, the six-year-molars that become the first permanent molars, erupt behind each of the four second baby molars, usually between the ages of five and six.
  • If you're looking for a message board to hook up with other fans, you'll want to learn about the fan groups, the controversies that can erupt and message board etiquette.
  • They can erupt anywhere, appearing more frequently on the legs of women, the faces of children, and on the areas of the face that are shaved by young adult males.