Sentence Examples

  • The first attack he suffered in 1837, and a second in 1838 left him much enfeebled, both physically and mentally, though he remained able to make experiments.
  • The existence of neuralgia usually betokens a depressed or enfeebled state of health.
  • But both mind and body had been enfeebled by captivity, and his son Alexius IV.
  • Yet such was the dread of The France and the enfeebled state of the country that Holland retained the privilege, which had been con- Nether- ceded to her during the war, of garrisoning the principal fortresses or Barrier towns, on the French frontier, and her right to close the navigation on the Scheldt was again ratified by a European treaty.
  • 3 Enfeebled by illness, Grattan's strength gave way when he rose to speak, and he obtained leave to address the House sitting.