Sentence Examples

  • The marshes encroach most upon the parishes of St Charles, Orleans and Plaquemines.
  • He took in everything, noting the enemies had begun to encroach upon the neutral territory agreed upon in the cease-fire.
  • In the middle division, or from the mouth of the Voronezh to the point where it makes its nearest approach to the Volga, the stream cuts its way for the most part through Cretaceous rocks, which in many places rise on either side in steep and elevated banks, and at intervals encroach on the river-bed.
  • A Roman Catholic tribe, occupying an inaccessible district, they have hitherto defeated every effort of the Turks to encroach on their autonomy.
  • At this period the Transvaal Boers were in a very unsettled state, and those living in the western districts showed a marked inclination to encroach upon the lands of the Bechuana.