Sentence Examples

  • In modern times state activity has encroached on the cities.
  • Under the deposed sultan the Civil List Administration had encroached in every direction not only on the revenues properly accruing to the state, but upon private and upon state property in most parts of the empire.
  • Where the original line drawn along the crest of the ridge has not been adhered to, and the mountaineers have encroached on the Buka`a.
  • The sea encroached far on the land from the Great Australian Bight and there formed the limestones of the Nullarbor Plains.
  • He was charged with having encroached to himself royal powers by treating matters of peace and war without the knowledge of the council, with having promoted the raising of a standing army on pretence of a war with France, with having obstructed the assembling of parlia ' Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, by Sir J.