Sentence Examples

  • Men's World Time Watch: Already coveted by collectors, this exclusive 2009 emblematic complication model boasts a classy white or yellow gold case with a hand-crafted cloisonné enamel dial showing a realistic Europe/Asia map.
  • In fact, the motif is as emblematic of Sprouse as the graffiti artwork; during the 1970s, when he discovered the magic of a Xerox color copier, he would enlarge images of roses and other flowers and send them to friends.
  • Each summit is crowned by an inverted pear-shaped stone, bearing a triple cross, emblematic of the Trinity.
  • They are distinguished by the wearing of a white turban, emblematic of the purity of their life.
  • In the most developed forms, such as the offering of soma, they assumed a great importance; (r) the sacrificer had to pass from the world of man into a world of the gods; consequently he was separated from the common herd of mankind and purified; he underwent ceremonies emblematic of rebirth and was then subject to numberless taboos imposed for the purpose of maintaining his ceremonial purity.