Sentence Examples

  • Eco Canteen ran television and online ads asserting that some plastic water bottles are unsafe, alleging that they contain carcinogenic chemicals that leach into the water they contain and transfer to those who consume it.
  • Many biodegradable bags are also Eco friendly, meaning that they don't give off harmful chemicals as they do break down making them safe for landfills, oceans or wherever they ultimately end up.
  • Aside from the savings a solar-powered home will eventually prove, the interest in building a dwelling that is good for the environment is a large reason why eco friendly homes are constructed.
  • At Sleep & Beyond, we bring the finest and purest nature created certified organic fibers under our eco fair trade factory and masterpiece each of our comforters, one at a time since 1992.
  • Therefore using a more eco friendly water heater will help the householder to not only save on energy consumption, which in turn is kind to the environment, but also will help to save money.