Sentence Examples

  • Her strength was quickly ebbing, her madness near.
  • Near the mouth, where the lake narrows to a strait, are the rapids which Ossian called the Falls of Lora, the ebbing and flowing tides, as they rush over the rocky bar, creating a roaring noise audible at a considerable distance.
  • The surface of the peninsula was very hilly and irregular, the shore-line was deeply indented with coves, and there were salt marshes that fringed the neck and the river-channel and were left oozy by the ebbing tides.
  • Her whole theology centres in the lines " The love of God flows just as much As that of ebbing self subsides; Our hearts, their scantiness is such, Bear not the conflict of these rival tides."
  • She doesn't realize her time on this earth is ebbing to a close, perhaps only minutes from now after she answers my questions.