Sentence Examples

  • Tancred was a good soldier, though his tiny stature earns from Peter of Eboli the nickname "Tancredulus."
  • He says that only the diamond mines of panna district earns Rs 700 crores for central govt.
  • Christianity is at once a revealed law which a man must keep, and by keeping which he earns salvation, and a supernatural power whereby his nature is transformed and the divine quality of immortality imparted to it.
  • In the section on the Mass merely protests against the view that " the Lord's Supper is a work (opus) which being performed by a priest earns remission of sin for the doer and for others, and that in virtue of the work done (ex opere operato), without a good motive on the part of the user.
  • Also that being applied for the dead, it is a satisfaction, that is to say, earns for them remission of the pains of purgatory."