Sentence Examples

  • The Hebrew prophet stands alone among divinely appointed 1 See 2 Kings xxiii.
  • Savonarola was one of the envoys, Charles being known to entertain the greatest veneration for the friar who had so long predicted his coming and declared it to be divinely ordained.
  • And Swedenborg is the divinely commissioned expounder of this threefold sense of the word, and so the founder of the New Church, the paraclete of the last dispensation.
  • For them Israel is the centre of the world, the point around which all other things revolve - every other people derives its claim to consideration from its relation to Israel - the only subject deserving attention is the extent of the Jewish nation's obedience or disobedience to its divinely given law, on which depends its prosperity or its adversity.
  • In leaving the land of its birth it has been taken as a whole, and for many centuries has been regarded as an infallible record of divinely granted knowledge and of divinely shaped history.