Sentence Examples

  • (1802-1803); Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit (1777), and various essays and letters on necessarianism.
  • The Dutchman Joannes Meursius (1579-1639) wrote three disquisitions on Athenian topography.
  • The study had even indisputably assumed a systematic character, and, from being an assemblage of fragmentary disquisitions on particular questions of national interest, had taken the form, notably in Turgot's Reflexions, of an organized body of doctrine.
  • Had the parliamen adopted this resolution at once, instead of exhausting itself b~ pedantic disquisitions on the abstract principles of jurisprudencc it might have hoped to triumph; but Austria was not likel:
  • The other works of Lord Hailes include Historical Memoirs concerning the Provincial Councils of the Scottish Clergy (1769); An Examination of some of the Arguments for the High Antiquity of Regiam Majestatem (1769); three volumes entitled Remains of Christian Antiquity (" Account of the Martyrs of Smyrna and Lyons in the Second Century," 1776; " The Trials of Justin Martyr, Cyprian, &c.," 1778; The History of the Martyrs of Palestine, translated from Eusebius," 1780); Disquisitions concerning the Antiquities of the Christian Church (1783); and editions or translations of portions of Lactantius, Tertullian and Minucius Felix.