Sentence Examples

  • All hardwood floors will gradually discolor over time, as the stain and wood is susceptible to ultraviolet light and frequent use, but you can minimize these effects with some simple steps.
  • The chemical is harsh on fabric, which is why most lifeguard uniform swimsuits are made from specially manufactured materials that don't fade or discolor easily.
  • Stay away from white colored stones, since these can discolor easily, and watch out for very soft limestones, such as Lagos Azul, which can pit inside a shower.
  • Squash bugs are a serious problem in the Western Hemisphere and can be found from coast to coast in the U.S. They suck the vital juices from plants and can inject a toxin that causes otherwise healthy plants to wilt, discolor and die.
  • A downside to cast iron is the chemical reaction caused with acidic foods like wine, tomatoes, and citrus fruits and they may discolor during cooking.