Sentence Examples

  • The velocity of propagation of temperature waves will be the same under similar conditions in two substances which possess the same diffusivity, although they may differ in conductivity.
  • No calorimetric observations are required, but the results are obtained in terms of the thermal capacity of unit volume c, and the measurements give the diffusivity klc, instead of the calorimetric conductivity k.
  • The method of deducing the diffusivity from these curves is as follows: - The total quantity of heat absorbed by the soil per unit area of surface between any two dates, and any two depths, x' and x", is equal to c times the area included between the corresponding curves.
  • We thus obtain the simple equation k'(de'/dx') - k"(de"/dx") =c (area between curves)/(T - T'), (4) by means of which the average value of the diffusivity klc can be found for any convenient interval of time, at different seasons of the year, in different states of the soil.
  • For the particular soil in question it was found that the diffusivity varied enormously with the degree of moisture, falling as low as ooio C.G.S.

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