Sentence Examples

  • Planck 2 enables us to calculate the diffusion constant of dissolved electrolytes.
  • If, however, no porous division be used to prevent the intermingling by diffusion of the anode and cathode solutions, a complicated set of subsidiary reactions takes place.
  • The Catholic mission has done very good work in what relates to schools, institutes and the diffusion of literature.
  • Cumont), the wide diffusion of the Mithraic religion and the close analogies between its doctrines and those of Christianity.
  • Two typical forms are in use; in one a liquid is prepared in which the crystal freely swims, the density of the liquid being ascertained by the pycnometer or other methods; in the other a liquid of variable density, the so-called "diffusion column," is prepared, and observation is made of the level at which the particle comes to rest.