Sentence Examples

  • The loneliness of a queen who had no husband or children and no relatives to mention must at all times have been oppressive; it grew desolating in old age after the deaths of Leicester, Walsingham, Burghley and Essex, and Elizabeth died, the last of her race, on the 24th of March 1603.
  • Italy only too often became the theatre of desolating and distracting wars.
  • He died in 1525 while the Peasants' War was desolating his land, and was succeeded by his brother John, who was an enthusiastic supporter of the reformed faith and who shared with Philip, landgrave of Hesse, the leadership of the league of Schmalkalden.
  • At length, after a desolating civil war, Prince Prempeh - who took the name of Kwaka Dua III.
  • He returned more resolved than ever to do his utmost to rouse the civilized world to put down the desolating slave-trade.