Sentence Examples

  • From Giant's Castle to 1'lont-auxSources, in which, forsaking their general direction, the Drakensberg run S.E.
  • But his father, forsaking that trade, took to farming at an unpropitious time.
  • De Goeje in 1864 (Memoires sur la conquete de la Syrie, 2nd ed., aeiden, 1900), led to the conclusion that Wagidi's chronology is sound as regards the main events, and that later historians have gone astray by forsaking his guidance.
  • But this would have meant forsaking one of his ships, and Cradock was not the man to take this course.
  • It must have been at least after his Commentary on Seneca's De Clementia that his heart was "so subdued and reduced to docility that in comparison with his zeal for true piety he regarded all other studies with indifference, though not entirely forsaking them.